At the beginning of the year the group has started its development supporting activities. Initially we dealt mostly with DC motora without control units i.e. wiper motors, window lifter motors and water pump, moreover rain sensor was a special project. During this period we worked with one chamber and test tables.

Bosch portfólió 2006

Bosch portfólió 2007


In 2007 we installed a new chamber, so we could accomplish more projects. More motors with control unit were tested, acceleration sensor, battery sensor and automatic gearbox unit appeared in the portfolio.


By this time the group was working with four chambers and its activities widened with Engineering. In tendency Hungarian projects became more common (from Budapest and Miskolc). The most important new projects were the ParkPilot, the Airbag control unit and DCDC converter.

Bosch portfólió 2008

Bosch portfólió 2009


The activities of the group widened with a new team, the Simulation team. Displays (dashboard, central display) appeared among the projects and LISA (xenon headlights control unit) was a special unique project. In addition, the cooperation with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Electrical Engineering has started in April, we sponsored an EMC lab installation.


AE/EMC-Bp has started strong marketing activities, that is why Engineering and Simulation activities increased in the orders. We played an important role in the development of EVO2 (brushed motor blower control unit). Since this year body computer and TEHCM (Transmission Electronic Hydraulic Control Module) have appeared in our product range.

Bosch portfólió 2010

Bosch portfólió 2011


In the summer of 2011 the territory of the laboratory has grown, that helped our work and increased our capacity. The main new project was Airmax (brushless blower control unit), furthermore start-stop module and middle range radar were tested. At the end of the year there was a change in the management, which have brought along changes in the strategy too.


Among other projects radars have became more common, and head-up display and brushless fan cooling motor have appeared as totally mew projects. According to the plans we increase the number of employees and capacity of the lab. In addition by the end of the year the group is moving to a new bigger place at building X.

Bosch portfólió 2012